Teigen Detta

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Teigen Detta – Why I Tri

Teigen Detta train-or-tri sponsored triathlete, bellingham wa

Individual sports:
I swam with Bellingham Bay Swim Team competitively since I was 7. I did cyclocross last year but borrowed a bike. i did cross country this year for school.

Teigen Detta Train-or-Tri Sponsored Triathlete bicyclingTriathlon:
My first race was the Bellingham Youth Triathlon when I was 7. My favorite race has been the Apple Triathlon in Kelowna because a lot of people I know do it and it’s fun to compete with them. I have done well over 10 triathlons.

Why tri:
I tri because over the years I have done a camp in canada for 4 years and have made good friends, and it’s fun to have competitors that are friends. It’s the same thing with swimming too.

Personally, my favorite discipline is the run. I love to see how hard I can push myself and it’s definitely hard when you start to run. I love to place as high as possible, and I will push as hard as I can on the run to do that.

Teigen Detta triathlete, bellingham WA

Teigen Detta with her brother.

Best races:
Most of my races have been in Canada and i have generally done pretty well. I was second at both the Bellingham Youth Tri and Clear Lake, and between 3rd and 11th at the Apple Triathlon in Kelowna.

This year, I would love to compete in a draft legal race this year to see how I do.

I would like to do draft legal races in Canada as well as the US. I would also like to participate in as many local races as possible.

As an ambassador of the sport, I would like to help get young kids into it. i would love to do this by helping out with as many local events possible.