Emmanuel Bussani

Train-or-Tri Sponsored Triathlete

Emmanuel Bussani – Why I Tri


I first starting doing Triathlons for cross-training. Because I am training many hours a week for Biathlon Nationals in the Winter, I needed other activities to do other than the same exercise every day. I started doing more swimming, biking and running. Later I was encouraged to try a triathlon, so I started training with more focus on an upcoming triathlon. I did well for my first Triathlon and I never knew that I would enjoyed it so much. The feeling of flying past other racers, and spectators all while being aerodynamic on a bike is my favorite part.

I have been cross country skiing since I was 6 and I started racing competitively in biathlon 2 years ago. I am currently the 2nd best Junior Biathlete in B.C. and next year I hope to qualify for Nationals. I have also raced competitively in Downhill Skiing and Motocross In middle school I did Cross-Country running and track and field.

The first Triathlon that I competed in was the KOS Delta Triathlon. This race was also the qualifier for the B.C. Summer Games, which I was good enough to qualify for. I then competed in the B.C. Summer Games in July which was a huge learning experience and lots of fun. Over the course of 4 races I placed 8th, and the rest of the races I got 9th. My strongest leg, biking, helped my move up many places during the races and I averaged 37 kph and in my category my bike leg was the 5th fastest. My last Triathlon that I have done is the Kelowna Apple Triathlon where I finished 10th..

Next season I am planning on competing in the Lake Padden Triathlon, Kelowna Apple Triathlon, and the B.C. Series which consists of four races which I hope to finish top 5 in every race. I would also like to improve my swim leg and my transitions, because those two things held me back a lot this past season.

As an ambassador for the sport, I would like to get more young people into the sport so that other people can enjoy the amazing sport of triathlon. I will do this by telling my friends from different sports about triathlon and by helping out with local triathlons.