Brent Detta

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Brent Detta – Why I Tri

Brent Detta train-or-tri sponsored triathlete, bellingham waI actually grew up doing triathlons, competing from age 12 to 15 until a driver’s license derailed my career, sending me on a path of ball sports. But, from an early age, the dream of Kona and the love of the sport was definitely born.

After a 20 year retirement, spurred on by my stepbrother doing Ironman Canada in 2009, I jumped back into triathlon deep end and did Ironman Canada in 2010. The Kona dream was alive and well, but there was a HUGE learning curve. Thru 4 Ironmans and one other 10+ hour race, numerous half ironmans and shorter races, I developed my racing and got closer and closer to my Kona goal. In 2014 I took the year off of Ironman racing and focused on shorter races, actually winning my first race overall and getting a large amount of racing experiences (there is a lesson there – shorter races make you faster for the long stuff!). In 2015 it was back to Ironman Canada in Whistler, and despite a crash with a car 3 weeks earlier and terribly cold conditions on the bike, I was able to finish 3rd in my age group and Kona qualify for the first time.

Brent Detta - train-or-tri sponsored triathlete bellingham, WA

Brent, with daughter, Teigen.

My journey to Kona has always involved my wife Renata, and our two children, Teigen and Palmer. They have put up with Dad training long hours and have always been my biggest fans. They are all athletes, with Renata running, and both kids doing numerous triathlons. Teigen has raced since she was 7, and it’s the coolest thing as a dad to have her on the Train Or Tri team with me! Kona became the reward for our little DFRU (Detta Family Racing Unit) and I was so happy to realize this dream with them!

With 28 years of expectations and anticipation for Kona, there was a lot for the race and the week to live up to. But it was EVERYTHING I wanted. The day was the hottest in 20 years, not crazy windy but just a super hard day. I didn’t swim well, but rode great and then had a really solid run in crazy heat. The atmosphere was amazing, and to be in a race with the best people on the planet was a dream come true.

Triathlon is a huge part of who I am. It defines me as an athlete, and I do some coaching as well. I love the sport and coaching allows me to share my enthusiasm with others. Triathlon is an amazing vehicle to inspire others, and teach your family and yourself lessons that are hard to find in regular life. I believe that triathlon can give me and those around me a lifetime of these lessons!