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Personalized Triathlon Coaching & Training with Mo Trainor

swimming practice with mo trainor triathlon coaching bellinghamConsultations: $30-$50/hour
Consultations include triathlon training/race season goal setting around work/family/social outlets and gathering current fitness level data–age, height, weight, base and max heart rate zones that will complement a 3, 4, or 6 week periodization training schedule. All consultations are a one hour minimum.

Custom Individual Sprint/Olympic-Half/Full Ironman Distance Training:
(3 Month Minimum Training Committment)
Custom triathlon training schedules for beginners and/or elite triathletes are built using 3, 4, or 6 week periodization and goal setting with training zones of base preparation and build and taper weeks all working within target heart rate zones that allow for easy form focus, endurance/strength and max VO2 training levels. Monthly coach-athlete consultation is available upon request reviewing training/performance data per swim/bike/run discipline via phone, email, or in person when possible.

How to Get Started with Triathlon Coaching and Training

bellingham triathlon coaching mo trainor

Vinnie and Mo (at right) prepping for Lake Padden Tri

View our Service Appointment Calendar to select your desired date and time, and the level of training you are seeking. Once your date/time/service have been selected, you will be securely directed to Pay Pal to complete payment and registration.

After Mo has received your payment, she will contact you via phone and/or e-mail, or meet with you in person if possible, to gather necessary training data prior to training schedule development, and a TRAIN-OR-TRI liability waiver will be e-mailed to you to be completely filled out and must be sent back ASAP prior to beginning the schedule writing and training with Mo Trainor and TRAIN-OR-TRI. Mo will then give you an approximated turn around time for you personalized triathlon training schedule after your consultation and the parameters of your potential triathlon training have been clarified to you.

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bikefit - mo trainor professional bike fittings bellinghamPro BikeFit Certified –
Professional Bikefitting Services

bike fitting mo trainor bellingham wa

Mo Trainor (right) is BikeFit Certified

TRAIN-OR-TRI is the only female BikeFit certified studio in Bellingham, WA, with 10+ years of experience specializing in tri/TT aero fittings. Pro certified bike fitter, Mo Trainor, utilizes the latest iPad BikeFit technology fitting novice to expert road, tri/TT, mountain, and hybrid cyclists and strives to create comfortable, efficient, and powerful riding positions with proper pedal stroke form while maintaining five contact points on the bike.

Whether you purchased a new bike or are wanting to improve your body-to-bike position on your current bike, proper position can make or break your riding experience. Bio-mechanical issues or recent injury limiting your flexibility, range of motion, and riding style? Numb or tingling toes? Saddle sore? Knee or back pain? What comfort do you give up on your bike and at what price?

TRAIN-OR-TRI also offers mobile professional bikefitting services when, where, and how you need it, whether within your home, workplace, and/or local bike shop by appointment only. Schedule your Casual, Pro, or Aero Tri/TT BikeFit with Mo Trainor today.

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Testimonials from a few recent bike fittings:

I would like to thank Mo at TRAIN-OR-TRI for the most awesome bike fit.  My bike is so comfortable now.  I was able to take 3 minutes off my Lake Padden Triathlon bike split this year and have pretty much crushed all my pre-bikefit Strava PRs.  If you have never had your bike fit to you, you are missing out on some serious speed!  Thanks, Mo!

Mo was amazing! She has a sharp eye for details, and was able to quickly pick up a few elements in my bike fit that made quit a difference in my riding. She used video taped analysis of my riding form throughout to assess the issues, and followed up with more video to ensure that corrections had been made.
Her attention to the details of the fit are exceptional. I had recently gone from riding only about 50 miles a week to 120 or so, and was noticing a few areas of discomfort on the bike with the increased mileage. Mo continued to tweak the setting of the cleats and seat until she felt it was perfect. I have never had a bike fit so uniquely to my riding style and body, and now feel like I can ride all I want with no problems at all!

For a while I was eye-balling my seat’s height and my cleat position. I moved the saddle forward little bit and then back after few weeks. I kept telling myself that I will get used to all discomfort and the saddle just needed to break-in until I met Mo Trainor. She was really patient, precise on measurement, and explained every step on my bike fit.
Needless to say she spent more time than what it called for and she undid all my experiment settings. Now I’m riding with more comfort and am getting stronger every day. I’m glad that I got it done and wish that I had got it done sooner. I would recommend her bikefit to anybody that needs one.

Another precision bike fit by TRAIN-OR-TRI. This is the fourth bike Mo’s dialed in for me and I can’t recommend her services enough! The amount of power and comfort afforded from a properly fit bike is immediately noticeable. Thanks for breakin’ out the lasers, protractor and iPad again Mo!

2016-2017 Spin Class Schedule

START:  September 14, 2016 – June 2017
Squalicum Lofts
909 Squalicum Way-Bld. B- Unit #105
Bellingham, WA 98225

DAYS & TIMES: Wednesday & Friday @ 6-8 PM
COST: $10.00/1 Hour Pre-Booked Session
$12.00/1 Hour Walk-In Session (Space Allowing)
$100.00/10 – One Hour Pre-Booked Punch Card Sessions PLUS 1 FREE Session (11 sessions total)

SPACE IS LIMITED to 30 people/session

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Why Spin?
New to cycling? Training for the upcoming triathlon season? TRAIN-OR-TRI spin class provides a low impact, high intensity workout for all ability levels on Cycle-Ops turbo trainers and riser blocks. You bring your own road/tri bike, cycling shoes, hydration/nutrition, sweat towel, and enthusiasm. Indoor turbo training on your own road/tri bike increases bike handling skills, teaches effective gear utilization, and promotes proper body/aero positioning while spinning your way into aerobic/anaerobic fitness.

What is Periodization and PRE-Training?
TRAIN-OR-TRI spin classes are built on a 4 week periodization schedule: 2 weeks of power climb, 1 week of race pace, and 1 week of active recovery. Every 4 weeks the intensity level ramps up via gear load, number of repetitions per drill, and duration per drill. Each cyclists perceived rate of exertion (PRE) will vary per drill per week of periodization, allowing cyclists to differentiate between recovery versus tempo versus race pace.

Questions? Contact Train-or-Tri for more information.

spin class with mo trainor bellingham triathlon coaching

Mo Trainor leading a spin class.