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2017-2018 Spin Class Schedule

START: 2017-2018 Spin Class Schedule – To Be Announced
LOCATION: To Be Announced

DAYS & TIMES: To Be Announced
COST: $15.00/1 Hour Pre-Booked Session
$17.00/1 Hour Walk-In Session (Space Allowing)
$150.00/10 – One Hour Pre-Booked Punch Card Sessions PLUS 1 FREE Session (11 sessions total)

SPACE IS LIMITED to 15 people per session
ONLINE SPIN CLASS REGISTRATIONClick here to register and reserve a space for our next session.

Why Spin?
Are you new to cycling? Training for the upcoming triathlon season? TRAIN-OR-TRI spin class provides a low-impact, high-intensity workout for all ability levels on Cycle-Ops turbo trainers and riser blocks. You bring your own road/tri bike, cycling shoes, hydration/nutrition, sweat towel, and enthusiasm. Indoor turbo training on your own road/tri bike increases bike handling skills, teaches effective gear utilization, and promotes proper body/aero positioning while spinning your way into aerobic/anaerobic fitness.

What are Periodization and PRE-Training?
TRAIN-OR-TRI spin classes are built on a 4-week periodization schedule: 2 weeks of power climb, 1 week of race pace, and 1 week of active recovery. Every 4 weeks the intensity level ramps up via gear load, number of repetitions per drill, and duration per drill. Each cyclist’s perceived rate of exertion (PRE) will vary per drill per week of periodization, allowing cyclists to differentiate between recovery versus tempo versus race pace.

Contact Train-or-Tri for more information.

Team Train or Tri TriathlonTrain with Team Train-or-Tri!

Get ready to swim, bike, and run your way into 2017 with Team TRAIN-OR-TRI! Whether training for Bellingham’s Lake Padden Triathlon and/or the Lake Whatcom Triathlon as a newbie triathlete or returning veteran racer looking to PR the course, Team TRAIN-OR-TRI will get you to the finish line with either 21 and/or 24 weeks of triathlon training. Come to a Team TRAIN-OR-TRI informational meeting to learn how to kick off your Bellingham triathlon season.

Bellingham_Tri_Club_LogoBellingham Triathlon Club Meetings

Dates and/or times are subject to change, so check the Bellingham Triathlon Club website or discussion forum for updated information.

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